Am I Allowed to Add Product Inserts in my Packaging?

Yes. It is not against Amazon’s terms of service to add product inserts in your packaging. Just make sure the content of your product insert does not violate Amazon’s TOS.

  • You cannot ask for or hint at positive reviews. You can ask the buyer to leave an honest review.
  • You cannot incentivize the buyer to leave a review, even an honest one. AKA you cannot offer money in exchange for a review.
  • You cannot display a website URL with the intention of driving sales away from the Amazon platform.

Stick to Amazon’s TOS for product inserts and you will be fine! Since you’re here, let’s do some quick math on the value of product inserts.

  • On average you get about 15 reviews for every 1000 orders (1.5% review rate) selling on Amazon.
  • Product inserts can triple the number of reviews to 45 (4.5% review rate).
  • 1000 product inserts costs $60, which means you end up paying $60/30=$2.00 for each of those additional 30 reviews generated by the product inserts.
  • $2 per review is by far the cheapest and most effective way to raise your review rate. Compare it to Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program which costs at least $12 per review ($60 for one year or until 5 reviews are generated)
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