Everything You Need to Know About Paperboard Product Boxes

Paperboard product boxes are the most common type of packaging boxes. You’ll likely see them all over your house. In this post we’ll go over everything you need to know in order to decide whether it’s the right type of packaging for your product.


The most common material type for paperboard product boxes is 350gsm paperboard. Since we generally only use these types of boxes for products that are less than 8-10 inches in any dimension, 350gsm is a perfect grammage. 


We print with full color CMYK offset printers so just send over your artwork in AI or PDF format and we’ll take care of the rest. We can also print barcodes, “made in China”, etc. 


A lamination coating will help protect your artwork and also provide a little extra rigidness in the structure of the box. While we offer both matte and glossy lamination, I personally like the look of matte a lot better. But of course the choice is yours.


We offer 3 styles; reverse tuck for smaller products, snap bottom for a little extra bottom protection, and auto bottom for an ultra-fast setup.

Reverse tuck boxes are great for smaller and lighter products.
Snap bottom boxes provide a stronger bottom for slightly heavier products.
Auto bottom boxes also have a strong bottom. Just pop open and they are ready to go.